What would happen if someone found your crypto wallet backup?

Would your money be safe?

Safewords protects your wallet by storing the recovery words across multiple locations,

eliminating a single point of failure.

Cost-Effective, Simple and Safe paper backup for all Cryptocurrency Wallets


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Value your security – Get Safewords today


The SAFEWORDS kit includes everything required to make a secure, distributed backup of the mnemonic seed needed to restore your cryptocurrency wallet.


  • One set of SAFEWORDS 2 of 3 mnemonic seed cards
  • 3x SAFEWORDS storage envelopes
  • 3x SAFEWORDS serial number matched tamper evident seals



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How does SAFEWORDS Work?

SAFEWORDS assists you to split your mnemonic seed into 3 partial solutions, each of which is committed to one of the SAFEWORDS cards. Each card is then stored in an individual SAFEWORDS envelope and sealed with an individually serialised SAFEWORDS tamperproof sticker.

Once your envelopes are prepared, each one can be stored in a separate location. You might store one at home, one with a close family member and one with a lawyer.

To recover your key, you must combine information from at least two of your cards together. Any two of your three cards gives you everything you need to re-create your private keys and regain control of your funds.

Perfect backup for any Hardware Wallet

SAFEWORDS is suitable for hardware wallets from the following manufacturers; Ledger, Trezor and Keykeep, or any wallet that provides a mnemonic backup key (up to 25 words supported)

Secure Offline Storage for Your Cryptocurrency

SAFEWORDS is a New way to store your mnemonic seed
 offline storage

By breaking your mnemonic seed down into multiple partial sets, you now have storage options that are not acceptable for storage of a complete mnemonic seed. 

We call this a ‘Zero Trust’ environment because it allows you to store your keys with people or in locations that you would not normally trust with your private financial information. As long as your envelopes are accessible to you, your words are safe.

The SAFEWORDS solution is suitable for all wallets with 12, 18, 24 or 25 word mnemonic seed. SAFEWORD’s kit works with all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and Stratis

The SAFEWORDs kit is Patent Pending and available only through Coinstorage Guru. Contact us for details around licensing and customisation

What is a Mnemonic Seed?

Every wallet has its own unique private key. A mnemonic seed is a way of representing this key in an easy to read and easy to record format. Each word represents a small piece of your key, and when they are put back together in the same order can be used to regenerate your key. For the key to be recovered, both the words and the order in which they were entered must be correct. If your mnemonic seed is compromised and becomes known by another person, this person can control your money. Using SAFEWORDS ensures that your wallet information is stored in a safe and secure manner.


SAFEWORDS can be used when you create a new wallet, or to create a secure backup of an existing wallet that you control.


During the digital wallet initialisation process you will be given access to your mnemonic seed. At this time, you can  use the SAFEWORDS cards to record and secure your information.


For an existing wallet, take the original seed that you created when your digital wallet was initialised, and carefully copy it across into your SAFEWORDS cards. Coinstorage Guru recommends destroying any complete copies of your mnemonic seed once your SAFEWORDS cards have been stored safely.