Most people write all 24 words onto a single piece of paper and then store that piece of paper in a drawer or a box somewhere in that house. While it’s true that your cold storage wallet (and it’s PIN number) represent some of the best security available today, if your wordlist becomes compromised your funds can be stolen. For many people, this means taking additional steps such as paying for a vault, installing a safe or hiding the words in strange and forgettable locations.

Coinstorage Guru Safe Words represents a quantum leap in the safety and security of mnemonic key storage. It allows anybody with a digital currency wallet to store their words in a zero trust environment.

It’s very true to say that cryptocurrency networks are the safest and most secure networks in the world today. There has never been a recorded attack on any cryptocurrency network that has resulted in the loss of user funds through anything other than human factors.

SAFEWORD’s represents a new way of storing the mnemonic key you use to secure your Digital currency wallet. When creating your wallet, you would normally be told to write down your 24 word recovery phrase on a piece of paper, and store it in a safe place. But realistically, how safe is that?

SAFEWORD’s breaks your mnemonic key into three distinct sets of words, none of which on their own can reveal your private key. The New way to store your mnemonic seed Zero trust offline storage.

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