Information and guidance session – Minimum 15 minutes


Organise a session with Brendan Lee, Coinstorage Guru founder and Bitcoin expert.

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Spend Time with Bitcoin expert and Coinstorage Guru founder Brendan Lee to gain understand more about the Safewords kit or any other aspect of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Sessions can cover any aspect of cryptocurrency including:

  • wallet setup and creation
  • secure key backup
  • Receiving airdrops or tokens
  • Wallet types and creation of private keys
  • Mining and security of cryptocurrency

To setup a session, you must purchase a minimum 15 minute block. Once we have received payment, we will contact you to arrange a time and learn more about your needs. If the services you require will take longer than 15 minutes, we will pre-arrange payment for a longer session at a nominal rate of $225USD / $300AUD/hour. Sessions are via voice or video link as needed.

Session types and prices:

  1. Cold wallet setup with secure backup: 1 hour (Recommend Safewords kit)
  2. Hot wallet setup with backup: 30 mins (Optional safewords kit)
  3. Convert currencies via swap service: 15 mins
  4. Send crypto to or from an exchange: 15 mins
  5. Guidance for Accountants and wealth managers on secure practices for managing Cryptocurrency customers: Contact us to discuss your needs

Brendan can also travel to deliver presentations to private audiences on all aspects of Bitcoin.