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The SAFEWORDS Twin Pack Kits allow you to create backups for two wallets or to simply have a spare set

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The CoinStorage Guru SAFEWORDS Kit gives you a simple and safe way to split your mnemonic key across multiple distributed offline backups.
This gives you the ability to store your cryptocurrency wallet backup in a safe and zero trust environment.


  • SAFEWORDS is compatible with all cryptocurrency software and hardware wallets
  • SAFEWORDS is one of the safest and most cost-effective cryptocurrency backup solutions on the market
  • You can buy a SAFEWORDS kit using PayPal, Bank Deposit or a number of popular cryptocurrencies


The SAFEWORDS Twin Pack Kit Includes:

  • Each SAFEWORDS Twin Pack Kit contains:
    • 6 x SAFEWORDS mnemonic seed cards
    • 6 x SAFEWORDS custom Storage envelopes
    • 6 x SAFEWORDS serialized tamper evident seals
    • Instructions

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Weight 46 g

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